Dating App -Wireframing-

Did I choose a dating app, why?

…because I use it often, I found it more fun and the truth is that I wanted to have fun with this challenge. I was already a little tired of using the transport apps that are usually boring. The first challenge I found was that I had to soften the tone of the app because it is a gay dating app and you know there are many pictures that are up-toned. So, in exercise number two before the challenge where I had to do a User Interface design, I took advantage and changed the pictures of people that are somehow private, for pictures of me and other web works I had already done, and ta! ta!… there was a version of my favourite app but PG13. Then I went to do the wireframing, it took me several readings to understand where to start. I already knew what kind of simple elements there were in this app, most of them were an image and text lane, the main menu, secondary menu, messaging, footprint, dropdowns and a pro option that also represents it in the dollar sign.

Figma Link with more details, and the original
Link to Wireframe Prototype
Link to the whole Exercise in Figma



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